Naija Konnecti R is a 30-minute edutainment drama series proposed to be aired on Nigerian radio stations with the primary aim of promoting peaceful and united co-existence among Nigeria’s over 350 ethnic groups and foster the development of the country. In the past six or more years, insecurity, distrust, violence, banditry are almost pulling Nigeria to the ground. This project is a think-outside-the- box effort to help solve this debilitating problems.

The typical episode picks a trending story from the news media (for example, ‘kidnapping’) and dramatizes it via three key antagonists who represent the three main ethnic groups in the country – Mallam Garba (Saeed Mohammed), Ogbuefi Okeke (Monkals) and Chief Ologbenla Enilolobo.(Bolu Folayan). The setting is that these Nigerians live as tenants in Chief Ologbenla’s house (the house represents ‘Nigeria’). Other key players are Senator Maria Udoh (Ngozi Nwosu) who also anchors the programme, Ogbonna (Jeremiah Francis), Akpan (Monkals) Edafe (Sam Olaniyan) Kingsley (Tunde Obasola), Sisi Benue (Tope Adejumo and Mama Caro (Anne Olorunfemi)

After dramatizing the theme, the telephone and social media networks are opened for members of the public to contribute to the issues by supporting opposing the key actors. The call-in is used to showcase other ethnic groups as protagonists and antagonists. But in every episode, there must be a resolution of the set conflict.

The programme is targeted at general members of the public, but secondarily to the family, political leaders and decision-takers/policy makers. The entire programme is to be pre-recorded quarterly and aired on weekly basis. Sponsor-credit is given at the beginning and end of every episode.

(A pilot/demonstration episode is forwarded here with the proposal for your listening)

Problem Statement & Concept Treatment:

The quest for unity among Nigeria’s over 350 groups has been on since 1914 when the British Colonialists amalgamated the Northern and Southern Protectorates and coined a name for the geographical entity known today as ‘Nigeria’. Unfortunately, this goal has not been reasonably achieved as the three main ethnic groups (Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba) often view one another with suspicion. The remaining ethnic groups have also been groaning aloud, seeking better understanding and fairer treatment.

Using the entertainment-education model of development communication (which has been effectively used by international agencies such as United Nations AIDS Programme (UNAIDS), McArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), DCRC intends to use this project to focus on personal self-development of Nigerians while orientating them towards nation building; hence actors and callers (all on set the radio programme) are set-up to promote the foregoing objective while offering listeners first-class comedy.


The talk show drama reflects how Nigerians live together - especially the intrigues of their survival. It mirrors their discordant yet inseparable goals; their common destiny in the midst of diversity and their competing interests. While focusing on issues that seem like “problems”, this edutainment series brings out opportunities and solutions in those “problems.”

The Lead Character is Chief OLOGBENLA ENILOLOBO, a Lagos Landlord. The other major characters are – Mallam Garba, and Mazi, (Igbo businessman) to Chief Enilolobo. The three represent the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Minor characters (who appear occasionally) are the other nationals (Fulani, Ijaw, Egun, Tiv, Bini, Idoma, Urhobo, etc.) feature as tenants in Naija Estate They episodes and during the phone-in segment.

The anchor, Ngozi Nwosu, creates a balance among the three protagonists. She also balances the gender make-up of the key cast. Other characters to reflect the diversity of Nigeria would be played up often e.g. Otunba Babington (Jide Kosoko), Akpan (Calabar), Edafe (Urhobo), Garba (Hausa),etc., depending on nature of issue being feature and scripting. Script strategy.


The main objective and theme of the comedy series is to foster positive change among Nigerians, using the entertainment-education model. This is done through careful, creative and skillful scripting. The "edutainment model" is one of the most effective contemporary models of development communication, especially when the target audience is difficult to persuade or when the issues are controversial or sensitive. The target audience would be hooked by their desire for entertainment and in the process they cannot escape the education content.

The communication strategy here is to intentionally place educational content in an entertainment message. Examples of successful entertainment - education programmes are: Soul City/South Africa (Gender Issues and HIV/AIDS); Crown Talent Hunt/Ghana (HIV/AIDS) and Life is Precious/Malawi (Youth Orientation).

Some popular programmes on Nigerian TV in the past had been used to foster educational values e.g. Masquerade, Village Headmaster and Sunny Side of Life) – all award-winning Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) programmes.

Some of the major themes and sub-themes in the series, that we have scripted include: ‘Unity’, 'Patriotism', 'Tolerance' 'Responsible Citizenship' 'Hardwork', ‘Quota System' ‘Inter-ethnic Marriage’ etc.


The dramatization of the theme for each episode will be pre-recorded on quarterly basis (13 episodes). The drama will be aired for 15-20 minutes of between three to five scenes, depending on the issue on the burner. Listeners call in to contribute for 10 minutes.

On each episode, the presenter (Nollywood veteran, Ngozi Nwosu) reviews the issue of the day, after the drama is played out and opens up the phonelines for contributions from listeners. At the end of each episode, there will be a wrap-up (resolution of the conflicts).

The setting is often Chief Ologbenla’s Estate but other scenes could take place in other locations, since the drama is pre-recorded. The intrigues of the survival of the tenants will generate the protagonists and antagonists to execute the theme of the series. For instance, in the pilot edition (audio sent herewith), Mallam Garba (Saeed Mohammed) asks Ogbonnaya (an Igbo trader) to vacate his (Baba’s) father’s house in Kano. Akpan feels insecure and vows to leave Lagos for his home state in Akwa Ibom. Chief Enilolobo Ologbenla tries to settle the disagreements and listeners are then called in to intervene to resolve the disagreements.

As much as possible current affairs will be featured every quarter so that they can contribute towards resolving critical topical challenges. In the first quarter, for example, we have in mind themes such as tenancy issues, kidnapping, fraud, insecurity, culture of waste, making our environment safe, the the importance of formal education, etc.


Naija Konnecti is designed to be a national weekly network programme. We have started with six (6) radio stations which has good reach and patronage – one each in each of the six geo-political zones in the country. These are: Ray Power FM Abuja, Lagos Talks FM, Naija FM Port Harcourt, Darling FM Owerri, Globe FM Bauchi and Brinkle FM, Birnin Kebbi . The dates and time of airing them will be strategically determined to ensure maximum delivery of goals set.

Naija Konnecti is on social media platforms to extend the reach of Naija Konnecti. Skits from the programme are relayed in animated forms on selected social media such as Tik Tok, Twitters and Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, etc, where the some of the actors/characters can also be followed

Fans (listeners and viewers) can interact with their favourite characters through our Website. They can also listen to past episodes and download/share animated episodes through our website. It’s the first of its kind in Nigeria!


Naija Konnecti is backed by the reputable international organization, the FORD FOUNDATION as first priority as lead partner of Naija Konnecti, but in order to reach many more radio stations, we intend to seek more co-sponsors.

Opportunities for co-sponsors include:

  • Airing of RCs (radio commercials) at the beginning, during and end of programmes (before signing off)
  • Use of crew during product launch (although this attracts negotiable rates)
  • Scripting of lead sponsor into the dramatization (e.g. Chief Ologbenla can say “Let me use my XYZ line to call you, it is very reliable” during a conversation in the drama
  • Placement of logos of our sponsors in our online animated versions of Naija Konnecti
  • Mentions of our sponsors in all our promotional media appearances


Naija Konnecti parades some of the finest Nigerian Nollywood veterans and upcoming stars – Jide Kosoko, Ngozi Nwosu, Saeed Mohammed, Monkals, Dele Odule, Bolu Folayan, Sam Olaniyan, Jeremiah Francis, ‘Debola Ademola, etc. This dream cast really depict the oneness of Nigeria, in that many actors played roles different from their ethnicity. For instance, Ngozi Nwosu plays the role of Akwa Ibom and Yoruba, whereas he is Igbo; Mong Kalu (Monkals) plays the role of an Igbo and Kalabari, while Ann Olorunfemi, (Igbo), and Rhoda Afolabi (Yoruba) play Yoruba and Hausa (respectively) in the series.

Meet some of our stars…


Jide Kosoko is a Nigerian-born actor and producer. He has starred in several Yoruba and English movies. He has also produced films and stage plays. He has logged over four decades in the theatre industry. The actor gained fame in 1992 after the release of his self-produced film known as Asiri Nla.

Jide is one of the pioneers of Yoruba films, and he has starred in numerous of them. He is a versatile actor who knows how to correctly interpret different roles, thus delivering only the best. Regarded the most popular cross-over actor in the Yoruba segment of Nollywood (having featured in English, Kannywood and Igbowood soaps and films), Jide stars in Naija Konnecti as Otunba Babington.

He is a graduate of the Yaba College of Technology and Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye where he studied, Film Studies, while also serving as consultant to the University on the establishment of its Film Institute.


Ngozi Nwosu is a famous Nollywood actress, radio drama producer, movie producer and a filmmaker. She began her acting career in Yoruba-language movies, before making her home-video debut in the Nollywood blockbuster movie “Living in Bondage” an Igbo-language film considered to be the movie that brought Nollywood to Limelight.

She featured as Peace in the now rested hit comedy, Fuji House of Commotion and was the top star of the series.

Ngozi Nwosu is a native of Arochukwu in Abia State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. She grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. Naija Konnectihas has her as the anchor of the radio drama and one of the major casts.


Funkiest Mallam is a Nigerian Kannywood singer, actor, comedian. known for playing the role Hausa Muslim scholar in popular television, soap, opera, movies. He is so popular in Northwestern part of Nigeria. Funkiest Mallam, a graduate of Mass Communication, is a half of Fulani and half of Hausa. He plays major roles Mallam Garba and Rastaman in the radio drama, 'Naija Konnecti'.


Mong Kalu, whose stage name is, Monkals, a graduate of Theatre Arts, is a multitalented comedian with a great sense of humour, his excellent creativity and innovative style stands him out even as a music artiste, actor, as well as a compere. Monkals is one of the stars of the hit comedy series, Flatmates.

He is also a writer, editor, director and producer of note in the Nigerian Theatre industry. Though a native of Akanu/Ohafia LGA of Abia State, the eastern region of Nigeria, but he was born and raised in Calabar, Cross River State, the southern region and this enables him to speak several Nigerian languages outside his native Igbo. He is also a major cast in Naija Konnecti radio drama, playing the roles of Mazi Okeke and Akpan.


Bolu John Folayan is a communication scholar, writer, producer and occasional actor. He holds University of Lagos’ PhD in Mass Communication and has practices journalism and mass communication for over three decades.

Dr. Folayan is the creator, writer, director and producer of Naija Konnecti. He also plays the roles of Chief Enilolobo Ologbenla and Prince Ademola in the edutainment series.


Samuel Oluwamuyiwa Olaniyan is a young and promising Radio Presenter as well as a creative content creator. Naija Konnecti is his first major role in public theatre. He plays multiple roles such as Edafe, Professor, etc.

He was born into a Christian family, that hails from IBA, an hilly town in ifelodun, LGA, of Osun State. BigSam OAP as he is fondly call, was also a vibrant Student Union Leader, while on campus of The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, where he obtained HND in Mass Communication. He was a popular OAP on the campus radio, PolyIlaro 92.1 FM where he cut his teeth in radio drama.

He is currently the Acting Editor of Ikale News, and the Assistant Director of NAIJA KONNECTI.


Musa Adekunle is the media strategist of Naija Konnecti, he bridges the gap between casts the social media community, he's also the Head, Information Communication Technology of DCRC, Mr. Adekunle manages all online communications of DCRC and its sister organizations such as Ikale News, Third World Media, and Westside Educational Services. A social media management expert, Mr. Adekunle is also a content developer for online media. He plays minor roles as part of the cast in Naija Konnecti

Other casts include: Omolaso Odenike, Ann Olorunfemi, Jeremiah Francis, ‘Debola Ademola, Sodiq Adekunle, Tope Adejumo, Michael Ogunmefun and Ibrahim Zakari.