DCRC is in partnership with the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) to develop a TV Reality Show to reduce road accidents through publicity and enlightenment. The edutainment programme involves members of the public taking part in a quiz competition on traffic regulations and road safety. The programme, endorsed by several media partners, involves members of the public phoning into the studios to respond to tests on road safety and going home with fabulous prizes. MoU with the FRSC has been signed with DCRC the initiative is in the works.

Meanwhile, DCRC has also signed an MoU with Transportation Growth Initiative of Canada with a view to partnering the organization for its transport initiative in West Africa.

In due course, the Road Show will be revitalized.


Naija Street, as a 30-minute comedy series of an imaginary street in which various shades of the nationalities that make up Nigeria live – Ibo, Hausa, Yoruba, Edo, Fulani, Ijaw, Idoma etc. This Street is a mirror of the larger Nigerian society. The strategy is to hook the viewer with comedy and send attitude and behaviour change communication messages.

Every week, a current happening in the real Nigerian society (e.g. insecurity) is dramatized on the ‘Street’ for 10 minutes, listeners are then invited by the Anchor (Ngozi Nwosu) to a discussion on the issue and the conflicts would be resolved.]

Naija Street premiered in 2015 as a TV Programme was on five strategic regional TV stations in the country: NTA Abuja, LTV 8 Ikeja, NTA Aba, BCOS Ibadan and NTA Jos with sponsorship from the National Orientation Agency and ran 40 episodes through 2015.

The TV streets was supported by the National Orientation Agency, Abuja, a parastatal o the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Due to the huge cost of network TV, the executive producers of the programme rested the programme to re-create it for Radio audience in another way as a radio drama which has been named Naija Konnecti. The objective remains the same: to foster unity and development among Nigerians. Leading Nollywood stars such Ngozi Nwosu, Jide Kosoko, and Saeed Mohammed (Funky Mallam), Monkales and Bolu Folayan feature in the radio edutainment show which airs on selected radio stations nationwide currently.

The programme’s appeal cuts across the socio-economic strata: upper, middle and lower class, primarily targeting ‘the family’. .


DCRC has served as consultants to numerous local and international organizations in the area of man power development, especially those related to communication and empowerment. Organizations that we partnered with include: Newswatch Magazine, Unilag Mass Communication Alumni Association, Complete Communications Limited and the Ogun State Government.

Several of our partnership programmes are on-going.


DCRC, in partnership with Third World Media Ltd, is the leading NGO in Nigeria in using the rural press for development. We have published Ikale News newspaper for over 22 years to stimulate development in Ikaleland, Ondo State. Please visit ikalenews.com for some of our editions. We have organized conferences, awards and support projects to aid the development of the community.


Our latest programme in DCRC is to save and preserve medicinal plants in Ikaleland, Ondo State. We observed that longevity in this community is very unusually high and our further investigations reveal that the older people rely on medicinal plants as food.

Unfortunately, these plants are not being preserved and they are going extinct. Just as the Chinese preserved and modernized their own local herbs and made them popular around the world, DCRC is determined to preserve and modernize the use of these natural herbs for food: marigbo, keeghe, itapan, etc. We are setting up a Foundation in this regard so that the initiative will be a reality. [Picture: Ikale Medicinal Plants Projects.


DCRC, in collaboration with the Better Living Educational & Economic Empowerment Initiative, is rolling out a programme to save Nigerian children who are out of school. We are kick-starting the project in the South-West and as soon as we get partners and sponsors, extend the scheme to other parts of Nigeria.

The concept is to give education to children who are not in School (due to several reasons such as poverty, gender, social dislocation, religious bias, etc.) The Programme goes ahead to offer scholarship to such children or help them to learn a vocation. We are currently carrying out a Baseline Study in selected states in the South West, South East and North Central of Nigeria to kick-start the intervention.